Pancake clarifies rumors of problems within Waen Sawaat set




We heard you’re working hard filming your lakorn

“I’m filming two and I also have Rak Rae’s workshop. I’m giving my cues all to filming.”

How’s Waen Sawaat coming along?

“There’s been some adjustments with the script a little. We want it to come out looking the best possible.”

Is it because the casts schedule don’t match up?


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Pancake admits making merits with Officer Mee in America


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Pancake Khemanit admits making merits (Thot Kathin) in the States, happy to be working with Om Akapan again in their TV series, Ruk Rae.  After being rumored to starr together in the CH7 TV series/lakorn, Ruk Rae, with Om Akapan, the executives finally had it’s blessing ceremony where we did some updates on Pancake.

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Ruk Rae Blessing Ceremony


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The blessing ceremony took place Friday morning, Nov.7 in front of the CH7 executive building. All staffs and the casts of the lakorn waited to greet HRH Princess Soamsawali, who will make a special appearance in the lakorn herself, portraying the role of Aunt Promjit, nangek’s aunt. It was then followed by interviews and solo/group pictures.

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